So, this is WordPress, huh?

Sitting here, alone in my room facing my 8-year old netbook, and I just discovered WordPress. I’ve heard about this before but didn’t understand what it was and I was also not that interested. I just got into this because I heard my classmates back in USeP are using this in their writing subject. I guess this is one of those mainstream blog sites. I’m not really into writing anything but back in high school… I was a sports column editor for the school’s publishing. Not much of a brag but I can read, write, and comprehend a lot of English but the downside is just that I don’t speak it very well. I can blab a word or two or read a couple paragraphs but I usually stutter. This is mainly because I got a really hard native tongue. I was fond of writing articles but I never had any opportunity to publish any of it but with WordPress, I hope this would go well to boost my potential in this hobby. I’m not really aspiring a career over here but I like doing this and would serve as another interest.

I am thinking of posting my own top ten lists, movie reviews, and random narratives in WordPress and I hope I can meet people here who have the same interests as mine.


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