“Go Go Power Rangers!” Those are the only Mighty Morphin Power Rangers I have in my mind. I was more of a Wild Force Power Ranger fan growing up. I know they are both Power Rangers but I have never seen a single episode of Mighty Morphin. As this movie was announced last year, I wasn’t really excited. I just imagined that it would be like a super cheesy 2-hour movie with stunt double in better spandex doing hand-to-hand combat scenes with Hollywood VFX. Later, the studio released an official photo of the Rangers’ suits. Yes, not spandex, suits. I was a little on and off about it. The suits are cool. The colors are still Power Rangers colors but it has the right amount of color that it looks legit and not cheesy at all. But, here’s the thing, suits? Armored suits, really? It almost looked like the Iron Man suits with the chest piece and everything but that’s all of it. I started to join the hype of the movie.

I didn’t dare to watch any Mighty Morphin episode or movie because, at my age, there is no way I could still consider those physics in the action scenes, the “whoosh” in every moves and jumps, and the voice dubbing. So, I went into the movie not expecting anything. I didn’t think that it will be a good or a bad movie.

The first part was actually a good teen drama movie. Every ranger was well-written and the cast showed great potential. I even started to think of a couple of sequels with this cast. Bryan Cranston as Zordon is also good enough to be a perfectly convincing head on a wall. By the second half of the film, I already have had enough of Alpha 5. I mean, he wasn’t the worst part of the film but he sort of takes the film back from an existing moment. The worst part would be Elizabeth Banks’ Rita Repulsa, the main antagonist of the film. If the goal of her costume design is to depict a fallen alien, that would be perfectly okay but when it comes to how she carried the character throughout the film is just annoying. The movie until to the point where she first showed up was working great. She just felt very Power Rangers.

I think what I’m trying to say is the movie has good working hands, the execution was great, it was working as an origin story to a group of super –powered teenagers but as soon as the Power Rangers movie kicked in, it steps down as another regular B-movie.

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