SPLIT Movie Review

Over the past few years, M. Night Shyamalan was considered a fallen director who had lost his touch. I can’t relate to this too much because I have only watched 3 of his films: Unbreakable, The Last Airbender, After Earth, and The Visit. I thought Unbreakable was an okay film. I watched it twice on cable so I guess didn’t really care about it. I had After Earth and The Last Airbender on hard copy DVDs and I can’t finish both of them. I tried watching them a couple of times but I end up pulling the disc out and sleep. So, M. Night didn’t have a good track record for me. In 2015, I watched The Visit on cable. I didn’t realize that it was an M. Night movie until I dug him up on Google two years later. The Visit was good. I even recommended it to some of my friends and got good feedbacks.

In 2017, Split was scheduled for a January release which is, traditionally, a graveyard for movies that usually suck both critically and commercially. I heard a lot of intriguing previews surrounding the movie, more importantly, M. Night’s reputation. This made me want to see the movie. The trailers and the premise were good. I liked James McAvoy as Professor X in the recent X-Men films so this started to turn expectations upside down. Eventually, the movie turned out great, like unexpectedly great. Much of the credit goes to McAvoy who delivered an exceptional performance of distinctive characters. He is very effective for the role and pulled it out perfectly. Anya Taylor Joy did a pretty good job as the movie’s beating heart and at the same time, eye candy. She’s just a joy to watch even though her character’s a critical one. Every scene was shot beautifully to create tense and thrilling set pieces.

The twist in the end might be one of the most effective twists I have seen on film.

In my experience though, it was an awkward moment in the movies. As Bruce Willis was revealed in the end, I yelled “Whoooh!” and raised both of my fists in the air because I know exactly what that meant. The thing was that in the theater, I was the ONLY one. It was dark as the credits rolled but I could see people’s head moving, wondering who just yelled. I liked the movie and thought it would transcend to a lot more audience in a matter of time.

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